Complaining About Banking Services - Know Your Rights
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If you are unhappy and need to complain then remember that you can complain to the Credit Ombud if you have a dispute with a credit bureau, a Debt Counsellor (DC) or a credit provider but not if the credit provider is a bank (unless you are under debt review with a Debt Counsellor in which case the Credit Ombud will hear your complaint). If you have a consumer complaint relating to credit extended to you by a bank this must be taken up with the Ombudsman for Banking Services not the Credit Ombud. An easy mistake to make.

In most cases regardless of whether you are under debt review or not and regardless of if you are complaining about a bank or another credit provider, it would be appropriate to take your complaint to the other party in writing and wait a few days before escalating the matter. The ombud will not consider your matter unless you have taken these steps.

So take that first step. Simply call us directly at 086 111 3749 or contact our supportive debt counsellors via our contact page. Dont have the time? Request a Free Call Back and one of our counsellors will contact you! Zero Debt is a certified Debt Counselling company.