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In 2009/2010 I made really bad financial decisions that landed me in a lot of debt. My debt amounted to more than R150 000. All my debt was mounting up and I was not in a position to pay my accounts as the company that I worked for got liquidated and I had to find other employment where I earned less than at my previous employer. I was financially ruined. I was receiving calls from creditors looking for payment all the time. They wanted to repossess my assets and blacklist me. This was extremely frustrating. I was in a really bad place in my life and the only thing that would relieved the pressure was going under debt review. There was no other way out.

I searched on Google for debt relief companies and came across Zero Debt. I contacted their offices and was informed of the procedure that I need to follow in order to be placed under debt review.

I complied as I had no other choice. The staff were very friendly and non-judgemental and they worked out a payment plan that was affordable for me. I never encountered any problems and it has been a smooth process with no complications or hassles.

A blessing in disguise when you go under debt review is that you are not allowed to purchase anything on credit until your debt is cleared. Personally, this experience has taught me that you can live without buying on credit and cash is really king. Whenever I needed to make big purchases, I had to save cash to do it and I was never able to do this before. I also know now that revolving credit is really bad for you. It is better to live without it.

Being under debt review for the past 5 years has been a humbling experience and now with a big sigh of relief all my debt has been cleared. I promise myself to never again ever buy anything on credit that I cannot afford and to stay away from credit cards and revolving credit.

I am now starting a new chapter in my life with absolutely no debt whatsoever! A clean slate. I would like to thank the team at Zero Debt for all their assistance in the past five years and for pulling me out of the giant financial hole that I created for myself.

It is a great feeling being debt free!

~ Venisha Singh

What I can say? The day I contacted Zero Debt was the best day of my life. Thanks for the assistance, the advice and the best for assisting me to be DEBT FREE. Please forward my thank you to Chris and Natasha

~ Marietjie Snyman

Thank you once again. I have to say I am impressed by the excellent service you provide.

~ Sieyamm Hartnick
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