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Signed contract with your debt counsellor?

When beginning the debt review process many consumers will be asked to fill in a standard form called a Form 16. This form helps set out the consumers income vs expenses as well as debt obligations to the best of their knowledge at the time.

Often times consumers and Debt Counsellors mistake this form for a contract between the two parties since most Debt Counsellors have included sections to this form which set out the costs and possibly a limited power of attorney.

A Form 16 is not a service level contract however.

Under the Consumer Protection Act a contract to provide a service should set out clearly the services that will (and will not be offered)

If you are a Debt Counsellor you should prepare such a document for each consumer and have them go through each section and clearly indicate that they understand. Keep the Jargon to an absolute minimum and clearly state what services you will offer. Make clear to the consumer that their debt remains their debt and the obligation to pay their debt and normal monthly running costs lies firmly with them.

Also state that Debt Counsellors do not have authority to restructure debt – only courts do.

clearly worded contract can help avoid any confusion on the part of a consumer.

So take that first step. Simply call us directly at 087 702 1738 or contact our supportive debt counsellors via our contact page. Dont have the time? Request a Free Call Back and one of our counsellors will contact you! Zero Debt is a certified Debt Counselling company.