Debt Counsellor: Understanding Power of Attorney in Debt Review
debt counsellor

When a consumer joins debt review they normally sign a POA or Power of Attorney with their debt counsellor.

This enables the Debt Counsellor to do certain things on their behalf such as cancel a debit order.

Standard Bank now want to get a debt counsellor to either use the POA (shown below) or to have consumers cancel their debit orders themselves. This is often difficult because once the consumer enters debt review (and shows as such on the banks computers) some bank staff won’t deal directly with the consumer but require that the Debt Counsellor contact them. Then there are other staff who refuse to help the counsellor even though he has a power of attorney.

When applying for debt review be sure to talk to your debt counsellor about a Power of Attorney. Also discuss which accounts have debit orders against them.

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