Bad Credit Listing Risks for Unpaid Traffic Fines

Pay your fines or get a bad credit listing

Gauteng motorists with unpaid traffic fines could get negative marks on their credit records according to threatening letters they are receiving.

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) says that outstanding debt from traffic fines is not governed by the National Credit Act. The NCR’s senior legal advisor Annemarie Friedman says that “fines are not subject to the Act because they are not a credit agreement entered into there are conditions for listing such as if there is a court judgment against a person owing traffic fines that have to be followed.” However the NCR will not likely step in, should this start to happen.

The threat to list motorists negatively on the various credit bureaus is contained in thousands of letters of demand which are being sent out with fines dating back to ’10 by debt collectors hired by the Road Traffic Infringement Agency. They are trying to collect more than R500 million. The debt collectors are apparently threatening to report non payers saying this could ‘negatively affect your personal credit profile’ and that it ‘may also adversely affect your credit status as any bank or organisation making inquiries at the Credit Bureau will see the listings. This could be true.

Of course, the discerning bureau report reader will see what the listing is for and can make up their minds regarding what to do next. These Drivers will not be black listed but might face having the record of their non payment captured on the Bureaus. The use of the term “Blacklisting” has finally fallen away in recent times and credit bureau reports are now seen as the tools they are rather than a mysterious piece of paper which decides if you will be granted credit or a rental agreement etc or not. There is no such thing a blacklisting – a type of entry that stops a consumer from ever getting credit again only negative listings which could negatively influence credit providers.

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