NCR Website: Reliable Debt Counsellor Details?

The NCR (National Credit Regulator) have a website which has a search function to help consumers find a debt counsellor in their area. Unfortunately not all the names and details shown on that list are accurate.

The DCI have conducted monthly calls to debt counsellors countrywide and have gathered more accurate statistics.

Deborah Solomon (the founder of theDCI) said of the discrepancies: “As an example, our list for March 2012 shows that while there are 2141 debt counsellor listed on the national database (the NCRs site) , 305 had incorrect phone numbers, with 232 of those numbers out of order, 56 wrong numbers and 17 fax numbers.”

She said 444 debt counsellor on the national list “were no longer working, seven had been de-registered by the regulator, 32 had been excluded from the National Credit Regulator’s site, 21 Debt Counsellor had given their books away to other counsellors, and 384 were simply not practicing.

“We were unsure of the status of 633 debt counsellor who were simply unavailable, which left us with 759 verified, practicing debt counsellor as of April,” Solomon said.

This just goes to show that consumers would be better off looking in the Debtfree DIGI directory section or visiting sites like theDCI ( for Debt Counsellor details.

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