NCR Shift the Blame - Issues in NCR Debt Help System

NCR shift the blame

The NCR have recently been getting complaints about the NCR debt help system.

This is a computer program used by Debt Counsellors at the behest fo the NCR to update them about the status of consumers under debt review.

(even with this system in place the NCR still ask the DC’s to then send them reports every 3 months to repeat these statistics.)

The NCR has received a lot of criticism over the years for the website being complicated (or not user friendly) and having many glitches.

For quite sometime consumers leaving debt review have experienced problems when re applying for credit because of the Credit Bureaus not having removed their debt review status from their systems.

Since their systems are updated by the NCR Debt Help system there seems to be a problem either in communication or the software.

Now the NCR have sent out a circular saying that they are not responsible.

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